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Cost of Selling Your Home

All Homes AZ makes understanding the cost of selling a home in Phoenix, AZ simple and easy!


One of the most common questions the real estate experts at All Homes AZ hear from home sellers is:

“How much will it cost to sell my home in Phoenix?”

The cost of selling a house is different for every homeowner, and is dependent upon a variety of factors, such as fees, taxes, commissions, and other costs associated with selling your home. As a rule of thumb, it costs about 8.25 percent of the sale price of the home to sell a house fast in Phoenix.

Here are some of the most common fees and costs associated with the home selling process:

  • Property Taxes – Depending on your current property taxes and the time of the year that you sell your house, you could end up paying additional property taxes on your home.
  • Escrow Fees – Escrow fees cover a wide range of expenses, including fees to sell your home in Phoenix, hold the sale funds in trust, draw up paperwork for the transaction, and other necessary formalities.
  • Homeowners Association Transfer Fees – If you live in an HOA, you’ll need to transfer the fees paid to the HOA to the new homeowner.
  • Home Repairs – Only an inspection will reveal how much you will need to spend on repairing your home before it is suitable for sale.
  • Disclosure Fee – This is a mandatory fee that is paid by the home seller under the Arizona Association of Realtors® (AAR) Purchase Contract.
  • Recording Fee – A fee must be paid to the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office to record the deed of trust and sale of your home.
  • Title Insurance – Title insurance is insurance provided to the home buyer by the home seller to ensure that the home title clears to the individual who buys your home in Phoenix.
  • Real Estate Commissions – Commissions are paid to the listing agent’s real estate brokerage, which then pays the listing agent and the home buyer’s agent for their time marketing and negotiating offers to sell your home.
  • Home Warranty – Depending on the coverage, this fee is either paid to the buy or seller. The average cost for a home warranty is $450-$550.


Looking to Sell Your Arizona Home?

The HUD1 form provided by your escrow company will break down all these expenses. All Homes AZ also offers foreclosure help in Phoenix in addition to services designed to sell your house fast.

Our Phoenix real estate team will be happy to explain these expenses in detail with you so that you fully understand every aspect of your home buying process. For more information about how to buy a house or how to sell your home in Phoenix fast, contact All Homes AZ today!